Jaylon King Colorism One of the biggest problems faced in the black community today is equality. One equality issue we face is colorism. Colorism means prejudice or discrimination against individuals with a darker skin tone, typically among people of the same ethnic or racial group. Colorism within the black community has been a serious emotional and psychological battle. Colorism dates back all the way to slavery, during slavery white slave owners preferred Africans who were lighter complexed because they were more beautiful and were often raped. Slave owners gave lighter skin slaves very different opportunities. Such as, being in the … Continue reading Colorism

discusion 6

There is a difference in nonprofitable journalism and traditional journalism. NPJ are able to operate and serve the public good without the concern of debt, dividends, and the need to make a profit. Such as Reveal, The Marshall Project, The Frontier, and many more. Ethical considerations that nonprofit outlets should be aware of sharing with readers lobbying and political activity are not a major focus. An outlet has many ways to keep up with transparency and credibility by collaborating with the audience and offer disclosures and statements of values. Continue reading discusion 6

“Us” Movie Review

Jaylon King News Gathering “Us” Review The movie Us hit the screens March 22, 2019, immediately getting everyone’s attention. This film was made by Jordan Peele, who also made the movie Get Out. Us stared Lupita Nyong’o, Winston Duke, Shahadi Wright Joseph, and Evan Alex. In this mystery thriller, Lupita had a traumatic event happen to her on the beach when she was younger that changed her life forever. Years later her and her family go back to the same beach, and her past comes back to get her… literally. In order to kee her family safe, blood will be … Continue reading “Us” Movie Review

Discussion 5

Local media outlets can complete economically to sustain their operations by offering more. Digital advertising such as Facebook, Yelp, and Google are very popular for the simple fact that’s where the people spend most of their time. Local media outlets need to get in tune with specific groups of people. Millennials or women could be a good group to target but only cater to one at a time to build up solid views. Another good start could be covering bigger main attraction stories. I will pay for news because there are so many things that happen in the world … Continue reading Discussion 5

Discussion 4

Media bias most certainly has an effect on people. There’s a form of media bias called bias by omission, which happens when the media leaves out one side of the story, or an important detail of the story. Leaving out important parts of a story can affect how a story is told and perceived. The media spends a lot of its time on negative things; not saying that the media doesn’t show positive things, but it is hard to find them when they are being overshadowed by negativity. I feel like media post a lot of bad things because that’s … Continue reading Discussion 4

Social media

1. Social media does have a influence on people’s opinion. when you first read a headline on Instagram you have in your mind what you think about a certain situation, but then you scroll down to the comments and start reading what other people are saying and how they interpreted the same headline. It’s way different but you also see why they would think differently and it changes the way you think about things as well. when things are put into a different perspective of course you can change your opinion about things. 2. The current media environment does just … Continue reading Social media

College Jobs

Jaylon King News gathering & Writing March 11, 2019 College isn’t the most affordable place, and a lot of kids get jobs on campus to make their lives just a little bit more easier. “The best place to work at on campus is the chart wells, which is; papa johns, dinning hall, and the restaurants in the set.”, Thomas Hill said. Hill said it’s nice to work at those places because you get half off on your food in the set, and you eat free in the dinning hall. “With me being a freshman, working in papa johns is not … Continue reading College Jobs